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Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born, on November 13th, 1780. He was proclaimed as Maharaja of Punjab on April 12th, 1801. He, like his father Sardar Mahan Singhji and mother Raj Kaur, was a very devoted Sikh. He always followed the Sikh code of conduct. He was a great warrior, democrat, philanthropist and patriot. He integrated the MISLS (small states) into a secular powerful Punjab and thus negated the saying of Afghans, “Grass never grows where Afghan horses have trodden.” Although crowned king, he refused to wear the emblem of royalty and wore a simple turban. He also refused to sit on the throne. The coins did not bear his name or image. The Will of the people was given great regard. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were equal before law and had equal rights.

Maharaja, as a real democrat helped educational and religious institutions of all communities. He never neglected the code of ethics even in the time of trouble of war. Maharaja Ranjit Singhji, the Lion of Punjab and a great patriot expired on June 27th, 1839 of a paralytic attack.


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Our successful Alumni are the foundation of our trust, hardwork & success.

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    All the teacher was very supportive. Motivated every time. I am so happy and glad that I am student of mrsc

    • Priyanka Kumari
    • B.Com. Plain
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    MRSC added great aspects to my personality and the events and activities at our college boosted my confidence to make a career in media. This was an honest advice given to me by Dr. Anand Sir to pursue a career in media considering my skills and I am grateful for it.

    • Devyani Dagaonkar
    • B.Sc. Biotech & Life Science
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    Major role of MRSC is got a wonderful teacher like Monika mam and Anand sir who always boost us for thinking better future, off course when I did my bachelor science in MRSC, Monika mam was not there but I got her in SLS DAVV, and my Research journey started like this and still going on with 16 publications and many more

    • Bharat Kag
    • B.Sc. Biotechnology
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    MRSC has helped me shaped my dreams and has aspired me to understand the importance of hard work and commitments to those dreams. In my road to success, I always look back to the days I spent in MRSC and wonder if it wasn’t my time in this college, I might not be where I am today. All kudos to the best college in Indore. I give all the credit to this lovely institute and my professors.

    • Munira Gupta
    • Bachelors of Science
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    MRSC is important for many reasons, including good faculties, accreditation from DAVV & RGPV university, good college infrastructure. With the given overall exposure, I got in MRSC, it has helped me immensely in reaching to the career heights. A big role has been played by the faculties and MRSC college as a whole.

    • Gautam P. Tungare
    • MBA - HR Finance


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