Admissions are granted on the basis of merit & first come, first serve only. They are closed as soon as the number of seats in the said combination are filled.

The decision of matter concerning admissions as taken by the admission committee and the Principal is final. Request for reconsideration will not be entertained.

A student found to have submitted forged mark sheet, signature of parents etc. will be terminated from the College and full fees will be forfeited.

The College reserves the right to deny admission to a student without giving any reason.

Candidates having criminal cases pending against him/her in court of law shall not be eligible for admission in the college

The candidates must produce original certificate of all the documents at the time of admission.

The admission to a particular course will be secured only on payment of the full fee.

Caution money which is paid at the time of admission is refundable without interest on completion of the program against caution money receipt. Amount of Rs. 1,000 will be deducted towards life membership of alumni

Every student seeking admission to this college shall be required to fill in an application for admission, personally in his own handwriting which will contain the following undertaking: I hereby submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal and the other officers and the authorities of the College and institution, and shall observe and abide by the rules made by the Principal of the College / Head of the College. I have carefully noted the rules and process of admission as given in the prospectus which I am required to follow and shall in matters of interpretation accept the decision given by the Principal as final and binding. I shall maintain minimum of 75% attendance of the lectures, failing which I shall not approach Principal for any concession in this regard, and shall be liable to be debarred from the exam. If I fail to comply with the above and all other rules and regulations of the College, I am aware that my name will be struck off from the rolls without giving any notice.