Since 2006, M.Sc. Microbiology students explore and visualize the fascinating world of Microbes. MRSC produces skilled personnel catering various fields like Pharmaceutical Fermentation, Food & nutraceuticals and various sector health and environment. The students of MRSC are made practically skilled and theoretically sound to stand apart from the crowd as winners. The students are propelled to undergo research and the previous batches exhibited remarkable participation of more than a dozen research presentations in conventions of national and international repute such as AMI, BRSI, ISCA, TBS, NCBB, PTCAI etc.

The past results of the course have been encouraging with almost 100 % every year in M.Sc. final year. The alumni are well placed in breath of Indian subcontinents in industries as well academia.

Scheme & Syllabus:


Microbial Genetics

2Virology, Mycology and Phycology

Microbial Physiology


4Microbial Biochemistry

Fermentation Technology

5Lab course – I (Paper I and II)Lab course – III (Paper V and VI)
6Lab course – II (Paper III and IV)

Lab course – IV (Paper VII and VIII)

1Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

2Medical Microbiology

Food and Dairy Microbiology

3Biostatistics and Computer applicationsEnvironmental Microbiology
4Bioinformatics, Proteomics and GenomicsBio-Nanotechnology
5Lab course – V (Paper IX and X)

Project Work

6Lab course – VI (Paper XI and XII)

Lab course – VII (Paper XIII and XIV)

Lab course – VIII (Paper XV and XVI)