Master of Computer Application

It is a 2 years Full-time program is affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal and approved by AICTE New Delhi

Since 2000, the institute has been committed to groom students as competent professionals with a capacity to learn and to adjust with national and international environment and to move towards achieving excellence.

Add On Certificates:

Add-on certificate courses (JAVA, Web Designing,  PHP) are offered in the college at minimal cost by Technology Experts with Parkhya Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Shree Soft Technologies.

Computer Labs:

The department has specialized laboratories for learning of various  technologies as per the curriculum:

  • Networking Lab:

          This lab is full of network devices, network operating systems and any infrastructure needed to learn networking technology.

  • Hardware lab:

           This lab has open computer systems so that students can learn to troubleshoot.


The library is well established with latest and technical books related to every aspect of Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology. The language books include C, C++, JAVA, PASCAL, COBOL, C#, VB and HTML. Other books for core computer science subjects cover DBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Web Technology, Numerical Methods etc. Apart from this, various computer Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and educational CDs are also available in the library.


MCA I Semester

Subject Code

SubjectDownload Link

MCA 101

Programming in C with Data Structure

MCA 102

Statistical Mathematics

MCA 103

Operating system and Architecture

Scheme & Syllabus
MCA 104

Information Technology

MCA 105

Communication Skills

MCA II Semester

Subject Code

SubjectDownload Link

MCA 201

Data Base Management System

MCA 202

Computer Network

MCA 203

Software Engineering and UMLScheme & Syllabus
MCA 204

Algorithm Design

MCA 205

Object oriented Programming with JAVA

MCA III Semester

Subject Code

SubjectDownload Link

MCA 301

Data MiningScheme & Syllabus
MCA 302

Artificial Intelligence
Elective – I
MCA 303 (1)
Python Programming

Elective –I
MCA 303 (2)
Web Technology
Elective –I
MCA 303 (3)
Introduction to Data Science and Big Data
Elective –II
MCA 304 (1)
Machine Learning
Elective –II
MCA 304 (2)
Soft Computing
Elective –II
MCA 304 (3)
Internet of Things

Elective –III
MCA 305 (1)
Computer Ethics

Elective –III
MCA 305 (2)
Advanced DBMS
Elective –III
MCA 305 (3)
Distributed Systems

MCA IV Semester

Subject Code

SubjectDownload Link

Elective –IV
MCA 401 (1)
Advanced Python

Scheme & Syllabus
Elective –IV
MCA 401 (2)
Advanced Web Technology
Elective –IV
MCA 401 (3)
Big Data Analytics
Elective –V
MCA 402 (1)
Deep Learning
Elective –V
MCA 402 (2)
Cloud Computing Technologies
Elective –V
MCA 402 (3)
Digital Marketing
Elective –VI
MCA 403 (1)
Information Security

Elective –VI
MCA 403 (2)
Block Chain and Cryptocurrency
Elective –VI
MCA 403 (3)
Mobile Computing